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Seed funding for early-stage growth companies, high-margin lifestyle businesses, and entrepreneurs curating mindful communities.

Our Philosophy

We aren't looking for unicorns, 10xer's, or the next Uber. We are looking for talented people with tested ideas who need expansion capital to reach the next level. We want to meet the dreamers and doers. Those who create products, services, and businesses that provide tangible benefits for their tribe. We invest in entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and whose projects are socially worthwhile, financially feasible, and fun.


Real World: Although first-time entrepreneurs and small businesses are often the most in need of capital to address a wide range of business and ownership needs; there is an undersupply of institutional capital and strategic guidance available to help upstart ideas. In addition; every business owner, on top of purely financial considerations, has their own specific objectives in contemplating a transaction.


Fundamentals: Let's take it back to the basics. We partner with businesses with proven revenue growth, a clear path to profitability, minimal liabilities, and an intimate understanding of the clients they serve. Equity investments, revenue-based financing, and lines of credit are the primary ways we provide capital after due diligence. We work with you, according to your timetable, to creatively structure a transaction that best meets your objectives.


Founder Focused: We are looking for community builders, culture curators, and creatives that know the fundamentals of their businesses inside and out. We'll provide capital to builders of physical assets that create novel experiences and finance operations for inventors of products and services that delight customers. Our biggest asset is our network of collaborators. We invest money and time into finding you the support you need to thrive.

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Our people-first philosophy extends to our application and selection process. We want to hear about you and your aspirations before we talk money. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. If we think you are a good fit, we'll schedule a time to discuss how we can collaborate. If you don't check all the boxes for our investment criteria we'll search our network for others who can help.

Krewe Capital is location agnostic and impact focused. If you are tackling a big problem - we’ll figure out a way to get your back. We support founders globally who dream big and think differently.

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